HangKey Plankie - The sustainable promotional gift

HangKey Plankie: the promotional gift that stays hanging

A personalized promotional gift that stays with the recipient. Original, stylish and durable. Our HangKey Plankies are perfect as a gift for, for example, a contractor, broker / appraiser, but also as a project developer or mortgage lender. Because we can now also provide them with your company name and/or logo. And for every plank we process into HangKey Plankies, we plant a tree back. See below the rate card and the order instructions.


Type HangKey Plankie Price per piece ex VAT Price per piece (branded) ex VAT
X Oak wood € 23,- € 28.50
XL Oak wood € 26,- €31.50
X Mahogany wood € 32,- €37.50
XL Mahogany wood € 36,- €41.50
X Walnut € 36,- €41.50
XL Walnut € 40,- €45.50
X Wenge wood € 51,- €56.50
XL Wenge wood € 56,- €61.50


  • The minimum order is 10 HangKey Plankies.
  • The delivery time is 2 weeks for orders up to 30 pieces (above this delivery by appointment).
  • Orders can be placed by e-mail: am@hangkey.nl stating:

- Type HangKey Plankie
- Desired quantity
- Delivery address and billing address
- Please supply your logo / company name in high resolution

(All mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs (€ 6.50 per order for addresses in the Netherlands)